Nightowl Studios was created to support artists. Born within the music industry, Nightowl Studios was the go-to provider for creative services such as graphic design, video production and original art for dozens of touring & recording artists.

In support of the artists’ endeavors, Nightowl Studios began cultivating brand partnerships with leading companies in the entertainment industry. These companies provided essential products and services to artists, such as guitar manufacturers, food/beverage companies and apparel/clothing brands. Soon thereafter, these partnerships caught the attention of video game developers, comic book publishers and film/tv distributors.

Nightowl Studios recently spent years in the streaming television space, producing original content, strategizing annual advertising campaigns and managing high-level talent relationships in Hollywood.

The core of Nightowl Studios remains rooted in culture: music, comics, gaming and more. We strike to authentically represent the voice of creators and amplify their ideas.